CASE: IWB boosts shopping ad performance for their customers

About IWB Digital Growth

  • Strategic digital marketing partner
  • Based in Amsterdam
  • Supports large and SME companies like Pathé, Picnic & Super73

About Producthero

  • Premium Google CSS Partner
  • Offers solutions to boost Shopping Ads performance
  • Headquarters in Amsterdam


  • Started as a Google Ads agency, developed to a full digital marketing agency
  • Develop goals together with their customers
  • Use Producthero Premium CSS for their Shopping Ad customers
  • Leverage Producthero PRO, including labelized campaign strategy


  • Improve shopping ad results for customers
  • Optimize Shopping ad campaigns
  • Increase revenue for customers


  • Using a combination of Producthero’s CSS and Pro package IWB is able to increase year-over-year revenue by 10% – 40% for their customers

19th December 2022

“IWB is a true data-savvy organization, we focus on performance and are highly analytical. By collaborating with Producthero we are able to increase the revenue of our customers, for some customers, we even achieved a 40% revenue increase”
Diederick van Duivenboden, PPC specialist & Google Ads expert, IWB

“With digital marketing agencies like IWB as agency partners, we are certain that our tools are implemented using the right strategies. Experts like Diederick are able to train both the team members at the agency and also at customers. Next to this, they are able to show the benefits of our tools to customers, creating a win-win for everyone involved”
Wouter Veenboer, CEO & co-founder, Producthero

IWB is a digital marketing agency that supports customers in their growth. Depending on the size of their customers they either manage the accounts or have a role in which they train the customers’ team and give advice.

The e-commerce customers of IWB are organizations that are already experienced in shopping ads. Most of them either managed their ads internally or used a different agency. They help these customers using Producthero CSS and the tools to boost their revenue.

To set goals IWB challenges their customers to think one step ahead. When a customer already has order quantity goals, they try to challenge them to focus on revenue. If they already focus on revenue they challenge them to turn their goals into profit goals. If they achieve that, then they move to long-term profit.

“Within Producthero PRO there is a tool that allows you to create a superior campaign structure. It creates a differentiation between products that generate revenue, versus products that eat your ad spend without providing any value. And the great thing is, it always works. For some customers, we see a volume increase of 10% while others even grow up to 40% in revenue.” 
Diederick van Duivenboden, PPC specialist & Google Ads expert, IWB

“Since IWB offers Producthero’s solutions, we are always able to improve the results of shopping customers. I’m really happy that Producthero also listens to ideas to improve the tools, and to see how they implement requests for product changes.”
Diederick van Duivenboden, PPC specialist & Google Ads expert, IWB

This case was first published on Google’s Comparison Shopping Success Stories.

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