Last updated on June 24, 2021

How to check if you are admin user in your Merchant Center?

The confirmation email for a switch to Producthero CSS needs to be sent from an email address that has Admin access to the Merchant Center.

It is very easy to check if you have admin access with your email address:

  1. Sign in with your email address to the Merchant Center you want to switch:
  2. Check if you have the menu item “Account Access” in your Settings menu:

Only an admin user has this menu item, so if you have this, you’re admin 🙂

What if I am not Admin user?

If your account is not admin, it is important to find an account that is.

Which account would you use, or who in your organization would you turn to to add a new user to the Merchant Center? That is the admin.

Use the admin e-mail address to send the confirmation sentence or ask the admin to give your account admin access so you can send the confirmation yourself.