CASE: Analysis of Vestiaire Collective’s shopping campaign performance in Germany: comparing Google CSS and Producthero CSS test results

About Vestiaire Collective

• Leading global online marketplace transforming the fashion industry towards a sustainable future by empowering the community to promote circular fashion

• Founded in 2009 with headquarters in Paris, France

• Industry: Retail Apparel & Fashion

• Company size: 700+ employees



• Conducted test to compare Google CSS vs. Producthero CSS shopping campaign using two new merchants for a clean test

• Scale with Producthero CSS to other EU countries


• Lower CPC

• Greater volume gains for equal budget

• Maximize budget efficiency


Vestiaire Collective has achieved a notable performance improvement with Producthero CSS for their shopping campaigns in Germany, demonstrating a 17% decrease in CPC.

Objective of the case study

We launched two campaigns in Germany with the same inventory (products), bidding strategies, budgets, and assets running on two different CSS platforms (Google vs. Producthero) and monitored the performance over a one-month period.”

“Switching from Google CSS to a third-party comparison shopping service (CSS), in our case Producthero, was a relatively easy process. Our primary objective was optimizing traffic costs by attaining lower CPC rates, achieving more volume with equivalent investment, or a strategic combination of both.

Thomas Ferreira, Senior SEM Manager, Vestiaire Collective.

Results of switching from Google CSS to Producthero

“After five weeks of running the campaigns, we noted a substantial 17% decrease in CPC for the campaign utilizing Producthero CSS compared to the Google CSS campaign.

The Producthero campaign was also able to scale more effectively due to higher purchasing power, therefore we noticed an increase in scale while using the same bidding strategy and budget.

We saw an improvement in ROAS which is a direct result of the decrease in the CPC (Cost-per-click). With Producthero, we were able to scale higher two weeks after the campaign launch. The CPC gain was evident during the test period.”

Next steps for Vestiaire Collective

Based on these successful results, Vestiaire Collective has decided to continue with

Producthero and expand their shopping campaigns in all eligible CSS countries* in the upcoming period. This strategic move aligns with VC’s commitment to optimize campaign performance to achieve cost-efficiency across markets.

*Using Producthero as a Comparison Shopping Service (CSSs) retailers can place Shopping ads and free product listings on Google on behalf of merchants in the following countries within the EU: FR, AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, GR, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, SE, UK, HU, IE, NO and SK.

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