Last updated on March 29, 2024

CASE: uses automatic product segmentation for Performance Max


  • is a family business that started as a physical store in 1992.
  • offers high-quality products that creatives need. From textile, mixed media, and papercrafts, to jewellery and painting- & drawing materials.
  • After experiencing success with the online sales the company had to move multiple times to expand their storage.

About Producthero

  • Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)
  • Software vendor for Shopping Ad tools
  • Headquarters in Amsterdam

The approach

  • got help from digital agency Woeler. This agency helped them to increase their shopping ad results using Producthero as their Google CSS partner. Additionally, they implemented Producthero’s Labelizer Strategy to segment products based on their performance. This allowed them to set the right budget for each campaign group in Performance Max.

The results

  • 30% increase in conversion value & 32% increase in impressions keeps growing rapidly. We have moved to a new building in 2021, and we already filled up most space and have to get more creative in our storage management as we keep expanding. During the busy periods we sometimes even have to turn off the Performance Max campaigns on Sunday.” Jeroen Custers, Co-Owner,

“After an initial audit we helped to transform their campaigns. After testing with search ads, we noticed that Product Listing ads performed much better. After implementing the Labelizer campaign structure by Producthero we got even better results. This is something that we see at more of our customers.” Reinout Slinger,  PPC & SEA-Specialist, Woeler

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