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CASE: How Decathlon Germany effectively reaches its audience and generates higher revenue by leveraging Producthero’s CSS

About Decathlon

  • Founded in 1976, Decathlon is the world’s largest sporting goods retailer with 2,000+
  • stores in 5 continents across 56 countries.
  • Sells both their 20 owned in-house brands and global brands like Nike, Reebok and
  • many others.
  • Headquarters in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.

About Producthero

  • Comparison shopping service
  • Software vendor for Shopping Ad tools
  • Headquarters in Amsterdam


  • Reach the right audience and generate the highest possible revenue with paid advertising, mainly through Shopping campaigns on Google Ads.


  • Lowered their CPC on shopping campaigns

Decathlon Germany keeps growing fast, with a 28% increase in sales in 2022. They have been working with Producthero since June 2022 to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its digital marketing and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) strategies. Decathlon’s primary goal with Producthero’s CSS was to reach its audience with the right products through paid Shopping ads while lowering the cost-per-click (CPC). On that mission, Producthero has shown to be a trustworthy ally for online retailers, maximising the effectiveness of their shopping campaigns on Google. As Producthero is a Google Premium CSS partner, clients benefit from a 20% discount on CPC on their Shopping Ads. This provides more opportunity to save advertisement costs or strategically reallocate the budget where needed.

“Last year we made a big change in our Google Shopping campaigns. changed the feed management tool, the marketing agency, and our Google CSS Partner. We had to build a lot of things from scratch and I remember that in this process, Producthero’s support was essential. Producthero helped us change the CSS smoothly and we were able to make this transition without any on our paid campaigns, customers, and revenue.” Camilo Colorado, Online Marketing Manager at Decathlon Germany.

How Decathlon benefited from using Producthero

According to Camilo Colorado, for Decathlon it is crucial to identify opportunities within paid campaigns to target the appropriate audience with customizable products. This process demands continuous optimization and testing to maximise the impact of digital marketing efforts. Producthero offers their customers valuable tools to boost their Shopping ads campaigns, such as Producthero CSS, and Producthero’s Title Optimization Tool, as well as a tool to segment products based on their performance, and price benchmark data tool (included in the PRO version).

Furthermore, Camilo highlights the importance of using trustworthy, well-known CSS with an extensive customer database. From his experience, it proved advantageous for the retailers because customers put their trust in products promoted by a known CSS rather than an unknown one. Producthero prides itself for serving more than 10,000 e-commerce businesses and 500+ marketing agencies within the EU.

Last but not least, when we asked Camilo to describe Decathlon Germany’s overall experience with Producthero CSS so far, he highlighted efficient customer service, smart tools, and modern features that make Producthero an excellent partner. Besides in Germany, Decathlon uses Producthero’s CSS in The UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Belgium and The Netherlands.

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