CASE: How Wehkamp boosted Shopping Ads volume with Producthero Optimizer

Wehkamp (top 5 e-Commerce player in the Netherlands) boosted the visibility and performance of their Shopping Ads using Producthero Optimizer. In an isolated test the impression volume of the optimized products doubled while staying within their ROAS objectives.

Mitch Komen, PPC specialist at Wehkamp:

Producthero Optimizer has yielded great results. In a structured environment, we have access to all our product data from the Google Merchant Center. Based on combined data, the interface gives us advice on how to optimize the product titles. We consider this one of the most important parts to increase findability of your products in Shopping Ads.

In a 2-Month test period, we ran some successful cases for different low seasonality categories. By implementing the Optimizer advice we were able to achieve much more impressions and clicks on these search terms, of course within the ROAS objectives.

The test contained products with steady volume. Wehkamp doubled the impression volume of the products they optimized with Productherto Optimizer while non-optimized products stayed the same. 

Mitch Komen, PPC specialist at Wehkamp:

In addition to these successes, we see Producthero as an independent CSS partner with a high level of knowledge of Shopping Ads, a clear vision of a CSS collaboration and without hidden and additional costs for clicks or sales.

Producthero Optimizer is freely available for all advertisers on Producthero CSS

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