Case Study: How Ivatherm’s Shopping Campaigns Performance in Romania significantly improved after starting using Producthero PRO

About Ivatherm

  • Ivatherm is a dermo-cosmetic company founded in 2005 in Bucharest, Romania
  • All their products are created and manufactured in France, in collaboration with French experts in dermo-cosmetic, combining the qualities of Herculane Thermal Water with original formulas and innovative active ingredients and biotechnologies. Ivatherm is today one of the top dermocosmetic companies in Romania with an international presence in 15+ countries.
  • Industry: Health & beauty (cosmetics).
  • Company size: 50+ employees.
  • Website: 

About Web Ventures

  • Full-service digital marketing agency based in Bucharest. With a human-centric approach, Web Ventures brings together 30+ senior specialists within 5+ departments that managed and delivered projects from 35+ industries and over 300 clients.
  • Specialists in lead generation, performance marketing, and web development.
  • Headquarters in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Website: 

About Producthero

  • Comparison Shopping Service (CSS Google Partner)
  • Software vendor for Shopping Ad tools
  • Headquarters in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Website: 


  • Ivatherm Shopping campaigns are managed by the digital agency Web Ventures, which enhanced their client’s Google Shopping Ads results by using Producthero Premium CSS. They combined Performance Max campaigns and the use of Producthero’s platform to segment products based on performance (Labelizer Strategy).


  • Implementing strategic optimizations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Growing the business’s performance Month-over-month (MoM) while continuously developing the business with innovative products and services.


After switching from Google CSS to Producthero CSS and implementing Producthero PRO (specifically Producthero’s Labelizer Strategy to segment products based on their performance), Web Ventures agency achieved significant performance enhancements for their client Ivatherm within the first three months (February to May 2024). In particular, they achieved: 

  • 31.61% Decrease in Cost-per-Click (CPC): Both by having a better purchasing power and by strategic optimizations Ivatherm has a reduced cost per click, allowing a more efficient use of their campaign budget.
  • 13.09% Decrease in Total Costs: The overall costs have decreased, reflecting better budget management and more effective campaigns.
  • 14.69% Increase in Conversions (Purchases)
  • 14.26% Increase in Conversion Value
  • 31.47% Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Ivatherm’s return on ad spend has significantly improved, demonstrating higher efficiency and effectiveness of the ad campaigns.

These results showcase the powerful impact of Producthero PRO in enhancing Ivatherm’s online performance, contributing to better cost efficiency and increased revenue.

“I am happy with the simplicity of using the Producthero platform and the process of switching for our accounts. Also, the support response time is faster than I expected.”

“All tools developed by Producthero are essential for many advertisers because they provide the key functionalities needed for effective optimization of Shopping campaigns. These tools address critical aspects of campaign management, making them invaluable for achieving superior performance and maximising return on investment (ROI) in Shopping advertising.’”  Dragoș Brahă – Senior Digital Strategist at Web Ventures.
one platform and three shopping ads smart tools to boost campaigns

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