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How Producthero makes a big difference

Sometimes, the differences between Google CSS partners might seem small, but they actually make a big difference. And this difference matters a lot to you as an advertiser or agency. Being with Producthero brings several big benefits. 

The 5 most important benefits of Producthero:

  1. By far the best CSS platform for advertisers (brand, performance, visibility, clicks)
  2. Best customer support ever
  3. Always first to market: More control & insights for Shopping Ads
  4. 100% independent: Everybody can be a Producthero
  5. Financially the best option

1. By far the best Google CSS platform for advertisers

Producthero is the #1 leading Google CSS Partner in Europe, trusted by both small retailers and major advertisers like,, Cdiscount, Decathlon, La Redoute, G-star, Ikea, Mediamarkt, Coolblue, and many others. Not only is Producthero a genuine and independent CSS, but it’s also a trusted name for consumers browsing shopping ads. With millions of visits to the comparison shopping services website every month, it’s no wonder that most successful merchants choose Producthero. It’s a trusted brand offering extra visibility and clicks. Furthermore, Producthero is the only ‘pure player’ CSS: independent and solely focused on bringing you the best CSS partner services

2. Best customer support ever

What happens if something goes wrong in your Merchant Center? Or if you have questions about a campaign? Support is where Producthero truly shines. For over five years, Producthero has provided top-notch expertise and speedy, dedicated support for both the Merchant Center and campaigns. Our team of PPC experts is here to ensure you receive the assistance necessary to boost performance and attain results. At Producthero, our team is trained to provide tailored advice that suits your needs. Producthero only recommends products and optimizations if they truly believe they will enhance your shopping performance.

3. Always first to market: More control and insights for Shopping Ads

Producthero provides useful tools designed specifically for Shopping Ads. Our platform gives you added control, in-depth insights, and user-friendly features, allowing you to take advantage of new opportunities to enhance your shopping campaigns. For instance, you can increase visibility with additional content optimizations and achieve better results through product segmentation and price benchmark data. We are always the first in the market while other solutions copy our innovations years later. 

And there are many exciting innovations to come, to make sure you always stay ahead of the curve! Among those, two new features are being developed that give you even more control:

AI to improve data: Integrated into our platform, making sophisticated AI technology (like Google FeedGen) simple and accessible for you to optimize your shopping feeds with Generative AI.

Extra insights for advertisers: Great optimization starts with great insights! Producthero is constantly working on dashboards, alerts, and specific insights for shopping ads, like spending per channel in Performance Max, search term insights in Performance Max, and alerts about important performance changes or item disapprovals.

4. 100% independent: Everybody can be a Producthero

No matter which e-commerce solutions you’re using, Producthero provides the perfect CSS solution and tools for every advertiser. Next to that, we are independent as Producthero is not part of a digital marketing agency and does not run shopping advertisements. That allows us to fully focus on advising the best strategies. Whether your team is made up of seasoned pros or newcomers, and whether you’re advertising for one of the biggest online stores or a very small webshop; our platform is straightforward and user-friendly. It adds extra value for every advertiser, regardless of their budget. In addition to its ease of use, you also get access to the Producthero Academy, focused on optimizing Shopping Campaigns using insights learned from over 10,000 advertisers.

5. Financially the best option

Producthero is financially the better option for both advertisers and agencies. Advertisers benefit from our services at a fixed, low price, enjoying a superior performance, increased visibility, and clicks unmatched elsewhere. For agencies, Producthero provides an appealing partner program that includes revenue sharing regardless of your partner level.

Why we do what we do

Producthero was founded in 2018 by experienced PPC’ers who are passionate about retail advertising. We have a lot of fun analyzing campaigns and coming up with strategies that help retailers across the globe perform better. That is what drives Producthero. This is the reason that we keep looking for the best PPC talents to join our team and is also why we haven’t raised our prices during our entire existence. 

Our goal is to help everybody to be a Producthero. To make it easy to optimize your shopping ads and get the most out of your campaigns.

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