Market Overview of Google CSS Partners

Many times we see advertisements from Google CSS partners claiming that they are the number one CSS in Europe. This led to an internal discussion on how we can figure out our position in the market. That’s when our CTO, Hans Wassink, came up with the idea to analyze as many Google Shopping Ads as possible. To make the analyses fair, he decided to use search terms based on best-selling products from over 140 thousand webshops. Now these insights are available to everyone in the Google CSS partner report.

Number one Google CSS partner in Europe

Analyzing over 22 million ads by 140,736 webshops in December 2022, we found over 817 CSS partners in 21 product categories. Of course, you can imagine that we were very thrilled to find out that the number one Google CSS partner in Europe based on merchants, as well as impressions on products, is Producthero. You can discover these results and more in the Google CSS Partner report.

Top partners per country and category

In the report, we also provide an overview of the top Google CSS partners by category and country. As Producthero also ranked #1 in each category we decided to include the top five CSS partners per country based on merchants to give people a good image of how popular a CSS partner is. As you might expect it includes well-known Google CSS partners like Klarna but also affiliate CSS partners like Velka and Shoparize. 

20 PPC and Shopping Ad experts to follow

The goal of the report is to help agencies and retailers optimize their shopping ads and to choose the Google CSS partner that suits them. To optimize your shopping ad campaigns, we would of course recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel, however, we also recommend gathering knowledge from multiple independent sources. That is why we included the best news sources and experts to follow and events to visit.

Discover 20 experts to follow on LinkedIn, three sources for PPC specialists in e-commerce, and exciting events.

Types of CSS Partners

A while ago we published an article about how to become a Comparison Shopping Service partner, including the levels that Google uses to rank CSS partners. Based on these levels they decide what type of support a partner receives. 

Next to the level, there are more differences between CSS partners. In the report, we discuss the service levels, costs of CSS partners, the independency of partners, and other criteria that you can use to evaluate if you want to collaborate with a Google CSS partner. Discover all the selection criteria in the Google CSS Partner report.

Free access to the Google CSS partner report – no email needed

The Google CSS Partner report is accessible for free by anyone, you don’t have to enter your email address and are free to share the report with colleagues in the field. Access the report via

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