Producthero acquires CSS platforms Comprice and Shopresult

Producthero, premium partner in the Google CSS program, starts the new year with the acquisition of the Dutch CSS platforms Comprice and Shopresult. All customers are relocated to Producthero.

The owners of Comprice (Adwise, online marketing agency from Almelo) and Shopresult (SDIM, online marketing agency from Haarlem) become agency partner of Producthero.

Nick Oltvoort, Head of advertising Adwise:

“In 2018 we started with the comparison website Comprice to let our clients benefit from all the benefits of the Google Comparison Shopping Services program. We see that the market is constantly evolving and consolidating, in order to continue to offer the best solution for our customers, we went looking for a partner and we ended up with Producthero. They not only offer the lowest price within the market, but are also completely independent and are strongly committed to innovation and further development of their platform. With the scale they have, continuity of the platform is guaranteed in all countries. “

Pieter Borst, CEO SDIM:

“We’ve build Shopresult in 2018 in order to be able to offer our clients maximum cost savings on Shopping without additional costs for using a CSS platform. The development of the CSS market now means that continuing the platform is no longer the best option. To be able to guarantee the best solution in terms of service, knowledge, transparency and financially, we decided to go with Producthero. ”

Wouter Veenboer, co-founder of Producthero:

Welcoming Comprice and Shopresult customers at Producthero is a great start to the new year. Since the launch of Producthero as a Premium CSS partner, our goal is to be a transparent and independent player in the CSS landscape. A safe and solid party with a lot of expertise. There appeared to be a great need for this, because almost 100 partners and more than 1000 advertisers now find a strong CSS partner in Producthero.

The CSS landscape has changed considerably in the past year. Now that Google is increasingly shifting its shopping ads support for advertisers and agencies towards the CSS, expertise and support are becoming increasingly important. It is precisely then that it is nice to work with a party that is technically strong and well-versed in how everything works and what a CSS partner can offer.

This will be a year in which our partner agencies and advertisers can expect tools and insights that you and Google don’t get from other CSS partners. We are on the eve of launching innovations that will be even more powerful for many of our advertisers than the well-known 20% discount on the CPC. In this way we help our partner agencies and advertisers to grow further and vice versa.

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