Raising the bar for all CSS Partners: Producthero Optimizer 

It’s here. Producthero Optimizer. Available for all advertisers using Producthero CSS. We’re raising the bar for what advertisers should expect from their CSS partner. The extra boost in performance by using Producthero Optimizer goes far beyond the effect of the 20% CSS discount.

Producthero’s mission is to give partners and advertisers superpowers to accelerate the performance of their product campaigns.  As one of the few Premium Google CSS partners, we already offer a 20% discount on shopping campaigns in Google Ads. With Producthero Optimizer our clients now have access to tools and insights they do not get from other CSS partners or Google. This is a strong step forward in helping retailers getting most out of their performance marketing.

Martijn Beumer – Co-Founder of Producthero.com:

“Today, we are launching our powerful product optimization tool. The Optimizer helps you gain advantages overlooked by most advertisers. We utilize the search behavior of your customers to enrich your product content. A test group of 20 Google advertisers in different e-commerce industries have tested Producthero Optimizer for their shopping campaigns. All of the participants saw an uplift in impressions, clicks and conversions. Without raising their bids.

Producthero Optimizer is yet another great example of helping our agency partners and advertisers get the most out of their performance marketing. “

Check it out: Producthero.com/Optimizer

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