Last updated on May 30, 2023

Guide to the Producthero blog content

This content guide is like a table of content to all of our blog posts. Everything we have written in a nice and structured way 🙂

Where to start?

This article should be read by everybody who is working with Shopping Ads:

MUST-READ: The 3 Shopping Ads Ranking factors

The 3 Shopping Ads Ranking Factors framework is a perfect starting point to understand how you can improve the performance of your Shopping campaigns. 

1. BID 

Google CSS partners

Why you should pick Producthero as the CSS partner for your campaigns:

All general questions about the CSS: 

Blogs about the effectiveness of working with a CSS partner:

About management of CSS partners:

Bid strategies


About Producthero Optimizer, (our super awesome tool, available for free for all Producthero CSS advertisers):

About Relevance Optimization:



About our solution to boost your competitiveness:

About working with price benchmark data:

About Producthero

Overview of our solutions:

Blog posts about Producthero:

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