Case Study: How Habitium increased the visibility of their Shopping ads in Spain by switching to Producthero CSS

In this article, we delve into how Habitium, an online furniture store, boosts its Shopping Ads visibility with Producthero CSS.

About Habitium

  • Online webshop for furniture and decoration items offering a wide selection of products from over 100 brands at competitive prices.
  • Presence in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, France and Luxembourg.
  • Headquarters in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain.

About Producthero

  • Comparison shopping service (Google CSS partner)
  • Software vendor for Shopping Ad tools
  • Headquarters in Amsterdam


Habitium’s main goal was to stand out from competitors in a saturated market and increase the visibility of its products within Google Shopping. 


Their approach consisted of selecting a Google CSS partner offering premium support as their online channels are an important revenue driver. Following Viva Conversión’s recommendation, they chose Producthero. Consequently, they switched from Google CSS to Producthero CSS in 6 of the 8 markets where they are present. Habitium is currently using Producthero CSS for Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and Portugal.

“It was essential to find a tool that would help us boost our online competitiveness,” Jaume Riutord Fe, CEO of Habitium, stated.

Results – Performance data

Habitium's performance data after switching to Producthero CSS
  • Lowered their CPC on shopping campaigns
  • 25% increase in both clicks and impressions

After starting using Producthero CSS, Habitium experienced a considerable increase in the visibility of their ads, thus reaching a broader audience and experiencing an increase in conversions. In their home market, Spain, Habitium even experienced a 25% increase in both clicks and impressions.

Next to this, they are currently looking to use the tools that Producthero offers to further increase their results, like the product title optimization tool and segmentation tool for product performance. 

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Producthero’s Tools

Producthero’s Title Optimization tool focuses on one of the first elements users will encounter when looking for products online. This tool identifies which of your product titles need to be optimised in terms of length and attributes and uses AI technology to provide keyword suggestions based on product descriptions that you can easily add to your titles. 

Producthero’s Product Segmentation tool, also known as Producthero Labelizer, is based on the premise that your products behave differently: 

  • Only 10% of your products (or even less) generate 80% or more of your revenue (these products are your ‘Heroes’) and many don’t quite pack the same punch (these are your ‘Sidekicks’.)
  • Up to 50% of your advertising budget is allocated to underperforming products (your ‘Villains’.)
  • More than 60% of your products barely receive impressions or clicks since they are rarely shown to users (these are your ‘Zombies’.)

Knowing this, Producthero Labelizer automatically segments your products based on their performance in Google Ads. This gives you more insights and control over your campaigns, allowing you to boost them.

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