Support: Creating unique feed (file) names in your Merchant Center

When Google tries to switch a Merchant Center to Producthero CSS, they sometimes cannot complete the process because a feed name or feed file name is not unique. In this support article we explain what you can do to change this, so we can proceed and let Google complete the switch process.

Changing a feed (file) name

We sometimes get a notification from Google that the merchant center can not be switched to another CSS partner, because the Merchant Center when merchants uses:

  1. a very generic feed name, or
  2. a very generic feed file name

Examples of very generic feed names and feed file names are “googlefeed”, “shoppingfeed” or “feed”. Please change it in something unique. We suggest adding the merchant name and country/countries.

Example of a unique feed name and feed file name: Shoppingfeed-Nike-UK, Feedfile-Nike-UK

1. Feed name

The feed name can easily be changed. Go to Products > Feeds

Click the feed and open the Settings tab:

2. Feed file name   

To make the feed file name unique you need to add your feed again and remove the old one. 

Click the + button to start adding the feed again:

Fill Choose a unique feed name and how you want to setup your feed  (you can look at your current feed what the settings are):

In the last step enter a unique feed file name and select the right feed and fetch settings (you can look at your current feed what the settings are):

Done? We will hand in the switch request again

Notify us when you have completed the steps above. Also check if you have supplemental feeds with generic names. And if so change the feed (file) name of those as well.

Ready? Drop us an email and we will hand in the switch again to complete the switch to Producthero CSS.

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