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Switch to a Google CSS Partner – How does that work?

In this article we will explain the steps to switch your Google Merchant Center to a premium Google CSS partner like Producthero. 

Watch this video to hear about the benefits of being with a CSS partner, and all the extra benefits with Producthero. And how you can switch your Merchant Center in less than 5 minutes

Why switch to a Premium Google CSS partner?

Working with a Premium CSS partner will give you a competitive advantage: 

First off, you receive a 20% discount on your shopping bids, so you will instantly be more competitive in the ad auction compared to e-commerce advertisers that don’t have a CSS partner.

Secondly, by choosing to work with Producthero you get access to super powerful tools that are used by over 6,000 merchants that increase ad performance by 30% and more. 

How does switching to a CSS partner work?

Switching to a CSS partner is super easy, it’s done in 3 simple steps and in less than 5 minutes. We recommend switching your current Merchant Center. Your running campaigns will just continue (without downtime) and your quality score is maintained

Example of switching your Google Merchant Center to a CSS partner

Let’s take a practical example, I have a webshop called Heroshop.  In the image below you see my Google Merchant Center, containing all my products: 

Currently, I advertise under Google Shopping CSS, as you can see in the top right corner. And that is why there is a “By Google” link under my shopping ads when I search for my products. 

Let’s switch this Merchant Center to our premium CSS, Producthero, so I get all the great benefits that will increase the performance of my campaigns. 

Step 1. Subscribe online to a Premium CSS partner

We would recommend choosing Producthero as your CSS partner. Over 8,000 other merchants chose us as we have transparent pricing and grant you access to additional tools to boost your performance. If you choose for us, the first step is to fill out the form on our website:

As you can see after the 30 day trial period, the monthly fee will be just €39 euro, this includes the Premium CSS partnership and access to our title Optimizer. Adding an extra shop or country would only be €19 euro.

I can also choose to add all the great tools of Producthero Pro in my 30-day trial period. 

You can find everything about the extra benefits on the Producthero PRO page on our website.

Step 2. Verify payment details

After completing the form, you will get an email in your inbox to verify the payment details. 

You can choose for either a Credit Card or Direct Debit. During  the 30-day trial period you will not be charged. 

Step 3. Approve the switch in your Merchant Center

We will now initiate the switch and you will get an email from your Merchant Center. After receiving the email, click on the link to go to your Merchant Center. Here you see a request by Producthero, you can click on ‘Review request’ and click on ‘Approve’. 

That’s it. Your switch is now completed!You now have a 20% discount in the auction and access to super powerful tools to superboost the performance of your campaigns. Congratulations!

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