Launching the new Producthero Platform

With 30 billion ad impressions in 2023, Producthero has insights into over 20,000 Shopping ad campaigns in Google and is the largest European Google CSS partner. Based on the data from 12,000 advertisers our Shopping ad experts designed frameworks and a PPC platform to help retailers and digital agencies boost their campaigns. 

One platform, three powers to give your Shopping ads a super boost

In the Producthero platform you get access to PPC tools that improve your bid, increase your relevancy, and bring insights into your market. We always strive to make the tools easy to use by anyone at marketing agencies and retailers. 

In October 2023, we released a new version of our platform to new customers. Meanwhile, we are in the process of migrating agencies to this new platform.

Power 1: Improving your bidding power – Segment your products & activate Producthero CSS 

In 2021 Producthero developed the Labelizer Strategy. This has become a popular strategy and is now being adopted by many advertisers around the globe. After analyzing thousands of campaigns, Producthero discovered that Google didn’t always show all the products advertisers have, and sometimes pushed products that did get clicks, but didn’t convert.

Customers get these insights within the new Producthero platform regardless of their subscription. You can see how many of your products are best sellers (your Heroes), how many products are not being shown as they are sleeping (your Zombies), how many products create more costs than revenue (your Villains), and the products that do convert but don’t get many impressions (your Sidekicks). 

If you want to create a custom strategy or use this data in Google Ads, you can activate Producthero PRO on the platform. This will allow you to use these labels within your Google Shopping campaigns. You can then segment your products and appoint an appropriate budget for each category. 

You can read articles about multiple Labelizer strategies or follow a course in the Producthero Academy to get the most out of your campaigns. Next to automatically segment your products, you can activate Producthero CSS. In this article, we explain why retailers & agencies choose Producthero CSS.

Power 2: Increasing your relevancy – Optimize your product titles

If you want to increase the impressions of your products on Google’s search page, a crucial factor is the data you give to Google. That is why easily upgrading your product titles is already possible to make them more relevant. Your products get a score so you know which titles to optimize. Then it’s as easy as selecting the suggestions to optimize your title.

Additionally, as we have advertisers with thousands of products, it’s possible to filter your products based on their performance. This allows you to focus on those products that will create the most impact when you improve the product titles.

Power 3: Understand your market – Discover price benchmarks

In the Producthero Platform, you get insights into why products perform as they do. For example, you might have a best selling product (Hero) that suddenly drops in conversions and becomes a Villain. The price benchmark information might show that your product pricing has become above the price benchmark and thus people stop buying it from you and go to your competitors.

Agency partners: Manage subscriptions

There are over 800 agencies across Europe that offer Producthero to their customers, which is why we are making it easier to add, remove, upgrade, and downgrade subscriptions within the platform. Next to this, in the platform, you will be able to manage users, edit billing details, see invoices, download shop overviews, and access the activity log.

More insights and more control over your Shopping ads

Our goal is to bring more insights into your data continuously. That being said, we are currently working on two new features that give even more control. One will bring even more AI technology (like Google FeedGen) to the platform, giving you even more control over your relevancy by optimizing your shopping feed with generative AI in a simple way. Another feature will bring you more insights into your spend per channel in Performance Max or search term insights. And lastly, we are working on alerts for important product changes, for example, if they are disapproved, or change to a Hero product.

Shopping Ad Campaign training

One thing that sets Producthero apart is the specialization in Shopping ads and merchant centers. All this knowledge is shared in training sessions, articles, videos, and, of course, in the online Producthero Academy. As a Producthero client or agency partner you can access the academy to get certified. 

Furthermore, we love sharing your stories about the successes that PPC’ers at retailers or digital agencies have with Producthero. Here are some great examples:

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